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Location: Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria - Sorrento

Service: Wedding Film - Wedding Reel

Every detail of this wedding reflected the connection and harmony between the couple, from the meaningful exchange of glances to the shared joy in their dances.

The stunning setting of Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento hosted Francesco and Roberta's dream wedding, an event that captured the essence of their union.


The romantic exit from the church, amidst a shower of petals and the affectionate gazes of guests, set the tone for a festive atmosphere that lasted throughout the day.

The location, with its breathtaking views and timeless elegance, provided the perfect backdrop for celebrating Francesco and Roberta's love, making every moment unforgettable.

Our team had the honor of documenting these precious moments, creating a visual story that expresses the joy, love, and spontaneity of this special day.

The magic of Hotel Excelsior Vittoria, combined with the natural beauty of Sorrento, perfectly framed the celebration, offering a fairytale setting for Francesco and Roberta's wedding.


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Newly Weds kissing in the gardens of an Italian Villa
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