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We know, you’re getting to choose something important for your big day and you may want to ask  some question, right?

Feel free to fill our form here to receive further information of our services.

Otherwise, here’s some frequently asked questions, we hope they can help you.


Whats your style?

We want your Wedding Film to be aesthetically beautiful but we want you to be yourself, enjoy the very unique moment of your big day. Our work is to find the best creative way to document and describe your love story. We will be filming everything that’s happening without you noticing us too much.

We would like to have you for our engagement session. Do you offer this service?

We also offer engagement sessions of course! Especially when we’ll be your wedding videographer too. We like to create an intimate relationship with our couple, so we can catch the best part of you and you while being relaxed and authentic in front of our cameras.

What is the cost of your service?

We really care about our client’s wishes therefore, fees may vary

Please contact us at for further information about your wedding. You’ll receive a brochure with additional info about our services and we’ll send you a price list with our different packages. 

If the service fits you, we can proceed with the contract. To secure your date, we’ll ask for a retainer.

How many hours do the service last?

It really depend on your event.

We usually guarantee our presence up to 10 hours but we can see what’s your necessities. 

Please send us an email so we can better understand what’s best for you!

Do you only work in Italy?

Our team is based in the beautiful area of le Marche in the Center of Italy, on the Adriatic Sea.

We’re open to work worldwide and we’re always thrilled to visit new places and get in touch with different cultures. That’s why we love destination weddings! 

Who’s going to be at the wedding? Will you be the editor of the film?

Miele is a collective of expert videographers which share the passion of reportage. 

The will to tell stories in a special way is what made us reunite in the first place. 

We’re a group of videographers and drone operators constantly searching for the best way to tell your story. That’s why you’ll always get one of our team to your event, so we’ll be sure to offer the best we can. Our videographers are editors also, so we’ll be the ones editing your film. 

We’re Sony camera system users and we usually work at least as a team of 2 cinematographers.

Do you also work as photographers?

Nope! We focus on videography and we don't mix up mediums because we want to give you the best we can do.

We collaborate though with an incredible photographer, Giacomo Terracciano. Find more about him and his studio here.

How will you deliver the video?

You’ll receive a customize Usb Drive containing the Wedding Film in 4K resolution.

Delivery timing varies on the chosen package.

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