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Location: Petritoli - Le Marche

Service: Wedding Film - Wedding Trailer - Wedding Reel

In a picturesque Marche village, surrounded by gentle hills, the destination wedding of Meagan and Lucas unfolded in an atmosphere of Italian beauty.

This dream location seems suspended in time.

The happiness of the participants and the knowing glances between Meagan and Lucas enriched the magic of this day, making it a unique experience for everyone present.

The essence of Italy, with its timeless charm, enveloped every moment, from the exchange of vows to the celebrations that followed, leaving the guests with the memory of an unforgettable event.

Our goal was to capture the atmosphere of camaraderie and the harmony that pervaded the wedding, transforming these emotions into images that tell the love story of Meagan and Lucas with authenticity and passion.


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Newly Weds kissing in the gardens of an Italian Villa
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