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Location: Tor di Crescenza - Rome

Service: Wedding Film - Wedding Trailer

Linda and Daniele chose the enchanting setting of Castello di Tor Crescenza in Rome to celebrate their wedding, a place where history and romance blend in perfect harmony.

The decorations, meticulously crafted and dominated by elegant white, found their perfect place among the vibrant colors of the castle's garden, where an emotional and meaningful ceremony took place.

The vows exchanged by the couple, along with their affectionate gestures and intense gazes, revealed the deep connection and pure joy that characterize their love story.


Every captured moment reflects the essence of a unique bond, testifying to the love and commitment Linda and Daniele have for each other.

The timeless charm of Castello di Tor Crescenza provided the ideal backdrop for this memorable event, creating a magical atmosphere for Linda and Daniele's wedding.


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Newly Weds kissing in the gardens of an Italian Villa
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