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Location: Villa Corsini a Mezzomonte - Tuscany

Service: Wedding Film - Wedding Reel

Chiara and Davide chose the enchanting Villa Corsini in Mezzomonte, nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Tuscany, to celebrate their wedding, creating a perfect blend of elegance and natural Italian beauty.

The black & white dress code of the guests made the white attire of the bride and groom stand out even more, creating an extraordinary visual contrast and an atmosphere of refined elegance.

The ceremony was a moment of pure emotion, with Chiara and Davide sharing heartfelt and touching vows, showcasing the depth of their bond. Every detail, from the evocative setting to the intimate participation of friends and family, contributed to making their special day truly unique and meaningful.

Villa Corsini, with its grandeur and charm, provided the ideal backdrop for this memorable event, making Chiara and Davide's wedding an unforgettable experience, rich in beauty and emotions.


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Newly Weds kissing in the gardens of an Italian Villa
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